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Just a quick update note to wish you all the best of the Season – whatever it is you celebrate this time of year – and my hope that Fortuna will bless you all well this coming year. The Chinese have an ironic saying, "May you live in interesting times." With all the shit that's happening now, next year is sure to be "interesting."

Again, my earnest apologies for not replying/commenting re all your posts of late. As I mentioned in my last journal post, crazy work schedules & log hours haven't allowed me much time to attend to other things. But I will get to them – as many as I can – just as soon as this Xmas madness is over. I trust you understand, but I still feel bad about it.

Well, speaking of work, I must be off to it again. Thank you again. I value your friendships dearly & hope to for all the years to come.

Have a good one. More soon, as it happens…

  • Listening to: A performance of "The Messiah" on TV...
  • Reading: "1421-The Year China Discovered America"
  • Watching: This computer screen...
  • Playing: Nope -- Getting ready for work...
  • Eating: Already have...
  • Drinking: Espresso...
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Submitted on
December 16, 2009